Brocksford Hall

A trip down memory lane


July 2019: the 2019 reunion marking 25 years on!

New: 25 years on – the big reunion!

Welcome to the Brocksford Hall tribute site. Brocksford was a small independent prep school in Doveridge, Derbyshire which had a potted history through wars and tough times, finally closing in 1994. During that time, many a small child froze in hail playing hockey on the top field, or doing laps on bottom pitch (around – but never on – the cricket square), skating on the frozen pond, rehearsing long into the evening for the school plays, or swimming in the heated-by-a-candle(unlit) outdoor pool.

It was not the scholastic utopia for all – often of its time, some of the experiences were firm/harsh/OTT – but the lasting memory was of a place focused on educating the child in more than just schoolwork. Closed before the onset of computers and iPods and anything else that could take away from time on the hockey pitch or cricket square, it was a small oasis in the green rolling fields of rural Derbyshire, with Doveridge a short Sunday morning walk away for church, and plenty of space for a young mind to wander.

This site was conceived many years ago, and has had as much attention paid to it as an abandoned shed over that period of time, but I’m working on adding more (i.e. any) content to the site. As ever, feel free to think some up and send it over. You can also find OBs on Facebook in this group.

For the time being, then, best wishes.
James Partington.